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    holy moly hehe open the param.sfo with notepad and where it says bles##### change it to blus##### #= an actuall number witch is the ps3 game id title that is how it works, you are gonna have to learn to do few things, and this is proably one of the easiest things in ps3 scene cheers

    hope it helps

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    Sep 2011
    okay i tested something odd and it worked although i was sure it wouldn't. i updated BLES1329 skyrim with BLUS update and then installed BLUS fix both of which were posted in this thread. and although the BLUS version is 10GB in size and BLES1329 is just 4GB, it works perfectly O-o.

    can anyone explain how this works, i'm really interested (all i did was edit param to BLUS.. i can't understand how that covers 6GB size difference)

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    Can somebody finally FIX COD MW3!!?? also skyrim is HALF working..

    there is no music in game some SOUND effect is missing and texture popping issues.

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    Tried the fix for dead island on 2 versions... blus30790 and BLUS31026... edited param.sfo.. according to version... now the blus30790 boots but in polish/russian menus... and the BLUS31026 boots but no video just black screen (but can hear video).

    i have had a look into this and it says to change the language, edit file \Dead Island\DI\Data\game.ini and change Locale("En")... i have opened the folderdata but there is no game.ini file in the folder... how can i change the language on the blus30790 russian/polish one or stop the black screen (but can hear video) playing on the blus31026 version... any help appreciated.

    just let you know got it working i changed the eboots around from 1 to the other and bang running english menus and video working... thanks all i'm happy as a pig in shoes

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    i didn't notice any missing sounds in skyrim.

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    can someone kindly post param.sfo of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom? Version and App Version. thanks!

    more power

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    >_> It's gonna appear sooner or later. No need to be in such a hurry

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    Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion requires 3.72 but this is the 3.60 update

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    I tested the Goldeneye 007 Bles version but its don't work. If i lunch the game in multiman then go back to XMB and i cant see CD icon only UNSUPPORTED DATA! Pls HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackalexander View Post
    Could I plz.(10X) bother someone, anyone to reupload the game fixes for these games:

    pandemonium!-ps1 classic
    hotshots golf 2-ps1 classic
    revenge of the wounded dragons
    marvel pinball + dlc
    topatoi: spinning through the worlds
    rocketmen: axis of evil + dlc
    Folder with the game fixes that you have requested here:

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