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  1. #2511
    sherlockholmes Guest
    saints row the third don't work on kmeaw 3.55 -.-... error 80010017

  2. #2512
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    This is it Garine (The all DLC is coming too later )

    NFS - The Run: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/E...XUoLPGepVk.pkg

    Fix: (Special Thanks to Pr0pJ0e & EXEtrimAll)


  3. #2513
    RonaldMariah Guest
    Do i need to do anything with the BLES01287 folder after using psn_package_npdrm? Like maybe copy it over the DIRT 3 that is stored on my external HDD?

  4. #2514
    Lando43 Guest
    Is Uncharted 3 1.02 patch fixable?

  5. #2515
    humanaga Guest
    plz fix game Bleach Soul Resurreccion eboot for 3.55

    eboot orginal: http://uplod.ir/wu7xmmrselcv/eboot.rar.htm

  6. #2516
    jackalexander Guest
    Could I plz.(10X) bother someone, anyone to reupload the game fixes for these games:

    pandemonium!-ps1 classic
    hotshots golf 2-ps1 classic
    revenge of the wounded dragons
    marvel pinball + dlc
    topatoi: spinning through the worlds
    rocketmen: axis of evil + dlc

    I'm really hoping someone would be kind enough to lend me a hand in these regards 'coz I really want to play these games. I don't want to really bother anybody and I tried to searched on my own but so far I've had no luck. So plz (10X) have mercy on me. Help.

  7. #2517
    kaindarkheart Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sherlockholmes View Post
    fix for dead island (bles00749) please
    Just edit the PARAM.SFO and it will work

  8. #2518
    ayoub ps3 Guest
    please can you upload the orginal eboot bin file of call of duty mw3?

  9. #2519
    sherlockholmes Guest
    I do not know how to do it. can you put the file link?

  10. #2520
    garine Guest
    Nice BBoy Chrif, lets see the fix .pkg, whats going on

    Thanks for share.

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