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    Several New Eboots Created by me. for 3.55...

    WWE 12 (BLES01439)

    1.) First install the this update:
    2.) Then replace eboot from Crack 3.55 folder into your WWE 12 folder in the GAMES directory.

    Sonic Generations (BLES01236)

    1.) Unpack the zip file.
    2.) First install the update patch.
    3.) Download the 3.55 patch from here :
    4.) Then replace the eboot.bin and genesis.sprx files into your Sonic Generations folder in the GAMES directory.

    Saints Row The Third (BLES01342)

    1.) First install the update patch from here:
    2.) Then replace the eboot.bin located in the 3.55 crack folder to your Saints Row 3 folder in the GAMES Directory.

    Thus far in my testing, these have been proven to work on Dongle Firmware. Kmeaw 3.55 users please test these out and let me know if they work or not. If they do, they were found here exclusively for


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    Man, I am just having a super difficult time getting Disgaea 4 working. It's the pits! I did everything, used the official patch, then used the 3.55 fix patch. It looks like its going to launch, then I get an error code

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    Saints Row The Third (BLES01342) can find no where to download

    wwe12 can only find usa version to download

    it's really hard to find these games now tried all torrent sites and nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyest View Post
    Easier to use pkg version of the above:, it will install sfo/eboot to the right place.

    And the game works fine if only the latest 1.05 patch is installed, I think it's cumulative, but not sure 100%.

    PS: for European version, for American one will need to copy them manually, not to the backup folder but to the folder where the game is installed.
    Is the install folder were I put the game when I ftp it or is it installed to a different folder?

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    New Eboots jpn games for 3.55...

    New Eboots jpn games for 3.55...

    Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou PS3 Fix 3.40/3.55 (BLJS10109)

    Clannad PS3 Fix 3.40/3.55 (BLJM60329)

    -> For all replace the USRDIR\eboot.bin and PARAM.SFO located in the 3.55 crack folder to your PS3_GAME folder.

    Tested on CFW 3.55 and no BR.

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    Hi guys! I'm really happy for these news about new fixes!

    Does the fix for Dead Island work also on Dead Island GOTY Edition?... If doesn't work, can someone help me making the right eboot?

    Sorry for my bad English!

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    Hey guys just a question..

    Deus Ex BLUS version is patched i know but what about the BLES ? I wonder if anyone tried to patch BLES01150 ?

    Thanks in advance for any answer and happy playing.

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    fix for dead island (bles00749) please

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    Different folder, it's hdd0/game/[gamecode] folder.

    If you have American version you'll need also edit PARAM.SFO. Better look for posts of those who run it with BLUS version, they'll help better than I.

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    has anyone any hints on how to patch a SELF that comes with a game update 3.60 package i've patched the BLES01235 but i've no idea what to do with REBOOT.SELF which program can I use to mess with it? cheers

    ok scetool does say the REBOOT.SELF is Key Revision [3.60 - 3.61] so I guess this can't be decrypted without the 3.61 keys ah well I tried.. what a great week for CFW users and set to get better over the weekend I predict.

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