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  1. #2471
    humanaga Guest
    plz fix game Bleach Soul Resurreccion eboot for 3.55

    eboot orginal: http://uplod.ir/wu7xmmrselcv/eboot.rar.htm

  2. #2472
    matt101 Guest
    please fix dead island BLUS31026... keep getting error 80010017... i edited param to blus30790... if its not possible please tell to put me out of my misery

  3. #2473
    bonbon1477 Guest
    anybody here got ace combat assault horizon (bles01392) fix working? the game is in 3.70 but it has an 3.60 update/patch. i tried to encrypt the update's eboot using multiMAN Eboot Fix Tool 0.5 but it doesn't seem to work. if anyone have an idea how to do it correctly, please do tell. it will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  4. #2474
    kaindarkheart Guest
    does anyone has the clean eboot for thor? ive tried to do the fix for it but it seems that it was a patched backup for tb so it does not work when i launch the game.

  5. #2475
    bfff2010 Guest
    make_self_npdrm just keeps crashing tried compatibility modes no use at a halt with 3.60 updates

  6. #2476
    cakku Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lancia3 View Post
    are you playing external or internal ? are you using multiman or else. Did you modified the param.sfo ?
    External, no special settings. just copied the eboot provided over the 1.8gig patch.

  7. #2477
    Orekul Guest
    all thanks to propjoe and all other guys and girls who made all of this possible. Without you guys the scene would be nowhere, cheers.

  8. #2478
    tulla2010 Guest
    thanks to everyone who has put their time & effort into these new fixes.

    to save me trawling through 200 odd pages has anyone seen the fix for Asura's Wrath update 1.02?


  9. #2479
    levihacks19 Guest

    New patch pes 2012 version usa blus 30805

    well here my first contribution to the fix version pes 2012 USA and be happy


  10. #2480
    andy guess Guest
    This, I've tried everything but nothing, anyone?

    I've got Ace.Combat.Assault.Horizon.PS3-DUPLEX which is BLES-01392. Any help on how to fix at least would really be appreciated!

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