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    cakku Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lancia3 View Post
    Hi is someone can help me with disgaea 4 fix ? I installed the update and copied the eboot at hdd0/game/blus30727 but its still ask me for 3.60 update and cant start the game did i copy at the right place or no ?
    It works fine for me, did you make sure your game is correct region? that update path for eboot seems correct..

  2. #2462
    ATitw Guest
    Ace combat patch 1.01 fix 3.55 patch

    eboot file put in patch folder

  3. #2463
    justev Guest
    Omg this thread is awesome.

    Anyone got the fix for skyrim BLES01329?

  4. #2464
    sharkraiden Guest
    COD MW3 is still not working!

  5. #2465
    Lancia3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cakku View Post
    It works fine for me, did you make sure your game is correct region? that update path for eboot seems correct..
    are you playing external or internal ? are you using multiman or else. Did you modified the param.sfo ?


  6. #2466
    coresplendor Guest
    about asura's wrath... i didn't get it, it says Asuras Wrath (3.73 Game but Update is 3.60).

    so do i need to just use the pkg file to update and then run the game, is that it? tks

  7. #2467
    StanSmith Guest
    I have tried about 5 patches for Resistance 3 and none have worked. I've installed the patches 5 times too. So after a whole day of trying to get it working I've had no luck. Is there a better patch that does work?

    I'm not the only one with problems with this one. It looks like most people cant get R3 to work. Is there any other files that need to be patched?

    I found the problem with R3. one of the patches was wrong and it actually kills it. If you look inside the PKG it has an extra file which kills the game where the other PKG was only the EBOOT and PARAM.SFO files.

    The working patch for me is EP9000-BCES01118_00-RESISTANCE3PF105-A0105-V0100.PKG

  8. #2468
    fantopoulos Guest
    First delete all resistance 3 files replace eboot and parma.sfo

    param.sfo file = https://rapidshare.com/files/3267445821/PARAM.SFO
    eboot file = 2 links http://rghost.net/39513400 / http://rghost.net/39520558


    all you need to do is install update 1.02

    1) install (Game Update 1.02)
    2) http://www.mediafire.com/?114iwmleiaos203

    fastest easiest and less space it take sand i put it on external eur version from duplex


  9. #2469
    bfff2010 Guest
    is anyone having success with andreus's how to fix 3.60 updates tutorial? if so what exactly are you doing thanks

    any help with this would be appreciated any game I fix i'll mirror/upload to help others

  10. #2470
    kudosrhyme Guest
    pr0p0sitionJOE gr8 work man know that your name is running wild here in Ghana, not forgetting duplex and exetrimall.

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