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  1. #2441
    JOshISPoser Guest
    my first post and i'm already demanding something Well, i have been here a while and mostly post on other forums.

    Anyways, has anyone gotten infamous 2 updated and working? i know there was a fix, but i would like the newest update to work. It is 3.6, not above, and i have tried a lot to try to fix it. I'm no dev, so that's why i'm asking. Replaying inFamous 2 with move would be awesome. I absolutely loved Festival of Blood.

    I can provide the folders, eboots, etc. for anyone so you don't have to rip the game yourself or download it.

  2. #2442
    chaindrive Guest
    NBA2K12 didn't work.

    Tried it with original and dongle eboots, internal and external as well.

  3. #2443
    JOshISPoser Guest
    Dongle eboots will not work... they have their own money-grubbing keys that they use.

    Also, i would test it myself first before trying someone's untested pkg's. I know pkg's can be built properly, but imo, i prefer replacing files so i know what exactly is going on for me. How did you test a pkg on external anyways?

  4. #2444
    Lancia3 Guest
    Hi is someone can help me with disgaea 4 fix ? I installed the update and copied the eboot at hdd0/game/blus30727 but its still ask me for 3.60 update and cant start the game did i copy at the right place or no ?

  5. #2445
    wwywong Guest
    I'm trying to create some decrypted EBOOT.BIN myself. Anyone know why some EBOOT doesn't work on ebootMod.exe (multiman's eboot fix, with latest 3.60 keys) even the PARAM.sfo says it is 3.60 games? I tried some work, some don't. Especially the patch (the EBOOT.BIN inside those updates/patches pkg never seems to work...) Do I need something extra for those to work?

  6. #2446
    niwakun Guest
    I just inspected it, the update contains edats, and those edats are encrypted with 3.60 NPDRM keys, so we need to deal those edats first or else, you will get a 8001003C error.

  7. #2447
    miwaly Guest
    anyone has the links for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3?

    i searched the net but all the links i found are dead.

  8. #2448
    JOshISPoser Guest
    what links? fixed eboots or original?

  9. #2449
    miwaly Guest
    links for the game

  10. #2450
    kallek Guest

    Resistance 3 US

    Has anyone got Resistance 3 US (BCUS98176) working on internal HDD. If so, how?

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