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    BLUS30693 UFC Personal Trainer WORKING! (at least in external in 3.55 rebug)


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    Jan 2012
    What about Naruto Generations USA / EUR

    anyone? please?

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    anything for need for speed the run?

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    Did anyone get the Warhammer (NPEB00648) working with the 3.55 fix? Having problems trying to find (NPEB00648)

    I have found several versions of warhammer but none of them are (NPEB00648). Maybe I will download the BLES version and report back.

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    Oct 2010
    cod mw3 plz

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    Dec 2010
    I cannot understand, whats the problem with portal2? everthing else runs flawlessly...

    even with bd-usb-emu on 4.20.... perhaps i should rerip it?

    ohhh & anyone knows how to make a debug-update for XMB-BOOT-games or full-pkgs? I made some with PS3 3.60 Keys - multiMAN EBOOT Fix & they work on DEX-3.55 but not on 4.11+ but Multiman somehow got a dex-version that can start on DEX 4.11 & 4.20


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    Jan 2012
    anyone tried Monster Hunter 3rd HD BLJM-85001? can it be fixed?

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    Oct 2011
    can you re-up the SSPE 12 (BLES01408) please?

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    News about Saints Row: the third on cfw 3.55?

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    Got It Working!

    Finally, I was able to get everything to work. I couldn't get Arkham City or any of the DLC to work from the internal hard drive to work, but after a little copying over, I finally got it!

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