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  1. #2411
    Lando43 Guest
    propJoe is Oddworld Stranger's Wrath PSN 3.60 game? is it fixable?

  2. #2412
    greyest Guest
    It does work.

    Sorry man, can't help you I just reposted them.

  3. #2413
    FaNtAsMiC Guest
    pr0p0sitionJOE could you please check MW3 patch?? it doesn't work... it bring you back to XMB after launch the game...

    thanks in advance

  4. #2414
    Nogitsune Guest
    dark souls 1.05 is the same update available from ps3 game updates program. correct?

  5. #2415
    SCORPION21 Guest
    Dirt 3 link not working.

  6. #2416
    muny21 Guest
    ok tested the dark souls fix and it is working. just changed param.sfo to the eur version in game folder. then installed fix. tnx

  7. #2417
    overkilln00b93 Guest
    yep link not working.

  8. #2418
    Nogitsune Guest
    the dark souls version i have is. bles 1396. the one posted is 1402 fix. should i also edit param.sfo?

  9. #2419
    meman Guest

  10. #2420
    oceansoul Guest
    YAP it WORK ALSO with BCUS98176

    AS i do copy this 2 files in property folders and update with version 2 ! Game must be on externel HDD and starting with SELECT + X

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