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  1. #2401
    forum2k Guest

    Resistance 3

    looking forward to see the fix annonced by PROPJOE ... wanna know/play the whole story !

  2. #2402
    greyest Guest
    Test Dark Souls Patch 1.05 fix: http://rghost.ru/39520772

    The above Dark Souls fix is for BLES01402

  3. #2403
    Nadbohr Guest
    Resistance 3 WORKS!!!! FINALLY!


  4. #2404
    PSFreak26 Guest


    Here is a Eboot Fix from me for Sniper Ghost Warrior (BLES01286)


    working on 3.41/3.55

    Tested with Kmeaw and CFW V2 on ext. HDD

  5. #2405
    kittoo Guest
    Bro can you please provide instructions for this fix?

  6. #2406
    muny21 Guest
    Did you make that fix yourself? If so, mind explaining how. Been trying to fix the us version of it but nothing seems to work.

    Or even make a us version if you don't want to explain how you did it.


  7. #2407
    fantopoulos Guest
    oh gee i have been waiting so long for this game specifically, awesome propjoe rock on dude woohoo

  8. #2408
    Lando43 Guest
    No More Heroes Paradise Fix BLES


    works with scene release of the game by ABSTRAKT.

  9. #2409
    fantopoulos Guest
    totally agree propjoe rock on, awesome best game in last year amazing stuff, in shock

  10. #2410
    HAVOK7 Guest
    so i guess resistance 3 can't be fixed, coz non of the methods and fixes work

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