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  1. #2391
    matt101 Guest
    when i first tried with silent hill downpour... it took about 5 mins to first boot... it was like it was looking for something... screen kept flashing... but know it takes 30 seconds.

    so i assume it is installing like a pkg.. just my 2 pence worth... by the way did same thing with batman ac... ps anyone got link for dead island fix or it not been released yet by propjoe or friends

  2. #2392
    sharkraiden Guest
    COD MW3 not working

  3. #2393
    fantopoulos Guest
    damn so i guess duplex release is usa for resistance 3 ? i can't find a eur version anywhere way, good work propjoe

  4. #2394
    wwywong Guest
    How about thanks for doing that for all of us, and we will be willing to testing and help you make it work and make everyone happy here

    PropJoe thanks for whatever you've contribute here...

  5. #2395
    fantopoulos Guest
    can anyone re up Install Official FW 3.60 Update (Game Update 1.02) for resistance, if anyone gets chance be greatly appreciated the pkg and the param sfo for resistance 3 would be great, thank you

  6. #2396
    greyest Guest
    Try to inatall all patches in order (1.02-1.05) and use this fix: http://rghost.ru/39520378

    Cipy it to /dev_hdd0/game/BCES01118, not in the backup folder. Try to run from external hdd.

  7. #2397
    Nadbohr Guest
    danixleet's patch PKG does not install on my 3.55 machine gives me an 800XXX error.

  8. #2398
    greyest Guest
    If you're talkin about resident 3 try what I posted above it should work for 3.41-3.55.

    pkg version of the res3 fix posted above: http://rghost.ru/39520558

  9. #2399
    kittoo Guest
    So basically there is no way to run Resident 3 from internal HDD?

  10. #2400
    greyest Guest
    Try from internal, all I can say it works from external.

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