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  1. #231
    lele0o0o Guest
    Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

    PixelJunk Racers

    PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap

    Go Sudoku

    Linger In Shadows

  2. #232
    Bartholomy Guest
    I would love Wipeout HD, bough long time ago, and lost And mortal kombat 2

  3. #233
    Xplic1T Guest
    I don't think you are allowed to post these links .. flagged for deletion

  4. #234
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Yes, we allow them fine here... share all you want as long as they are offsite links, we just can't host them here.

  5. #235
    Xplic1T Guest
    Sorry ... just looking out.

  6. #236
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    No prob hehe!

  7. #237
    Xplic1T Guest
    wow completely missed the first post ... geez

  8. #238
    Bartholomy Guest

  9. #239
    darkis Guest
    can somebody tell me how to do step by step plz?

  10. #240
    Bartholomy Guest
    1 copy the game .pkg onto a usb, on root D:/ for example
    2 copy crack .pkg on root
    3 put your usb HDD into usb port, ps3
    4 install the game first
    5 install the crack
    6 play

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