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  1. #2381
    sharkraiden Guest
    CALL OF DUTY MW3 [BLUS30838] Patch 1.02 FIX 3.41-3.55 is not working!

    The game just exit to XMB after launch...

  2. #2382
    Nadbohr Guest

    RE3 install error

    I cannot install EP9000-BCES01118_00-RESISTANCE300001_(geohot355).pkg

    Gives me an error on 3.55CFW. Why is that? Please help me.

  3. #2383
    sotor Guest
    i try with disc but doesn't work

  4. #2384
    HAVOK7 Guest
    yo pr0p0sitionJOE did you actually test the resistance 3 fix man, coz i am seeing it does not work, what is up with that?

  5. #2385
    greyest Guest
    I don't think he tested, he wrote he didn't have time to test retail games, only PSN ones.

  6. #2386
    merlino15 Guest
    i'm trying and work thanks team

  7. #2387
    HAVOK7 Guest
    what? then how can you post something claiming it works when you haven't actually tested it yourself to see if it actually works

  8. #2388
    greyest Guest
    Maybe you need to wait when Res3 shows black screen, I read it booted like 5 minutes.

    Where he claimed that it worked? He mentioned that retail games aren't tested.

  9. #2389
    Nadbohr Guest
    5 minutes to boot??

  10. #2390
    greyest Guest
    From what drive you tried to run Res3? Try from external.

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