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  1. #2371
    oceansoul Guest
    Doesn't work for me probably because mine is BCUS98176 i will try to found somewhere BLES1118 ver and try it

  2. #2372
    esppiral Guest

    Red Face

    Can't wair for for Jak and Daxter collection patch

    Thanks mate

  3. #2373
    matt101 Guest
    many thanks to propjoe... and all who contribute to the scene.... can anyone post a link to the dead island fix... many thanks

  4. #2374
    greyest Guest
    No man, it seem the Resistance 3 fix doesn't work. People tried it with BLES1118.

    There is game.self, maybe it's the reason if it's encrypted with 3.66 keys and patches didn't re-encypt it for 3.60....

  5. #2375
    mod632 Guest
    Just tried your fix but it doesnt work for me (Resistance.3.PS3-DUPLEX) even though i installed everything as mentioned in your info. BUT i tried this fix by danixleet http://www.mediafire.com/?114iwmleiaos203 for 1.02 update and works great.

    1) Resistance.3.PS3-DUPLEX
    2) Copy to PS3 Internal HDD (Like any other game run in MM) - (I installed and booted game from External HDD)
    3) Install Official FW 3.60 Update (Game Update 1.02) http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...2-V0100-PE.pkg
    4) Install Patched Update for 3.55 (http://www.mediafire.com/?114iwmleiaos203)
    5) Run Game

  6. #2376
    sotor Guest
    doesn't work only show move screen and exit which error to main menu

  7. #2377
    greyest Guest
    Try with a disc in the drive.

  8. #2378
    mod632 Guest
    its been confirmed that this new fix from danixleet is working.

    it must be something on your end, try with disk in drive ect ect

  9. #2379
    greyest Guest
    Has anyone tried it on 3.41 by chance?

  10. #2380
    kittoo Guest
    I am getting the exact same error

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