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    It works only with the PSN release.

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    I have the warhammer BLES game on my hdd. Isn't it possible to extraxt the warhammer fix pkg file and edit the param.sfo file to BLES and exchange the files into the gamez folder?

    Another question. Why can't I just extract the PSN game pkg files and copy them to the GAMEZ folder on my hdd and play them via multiman? I tried it once and it didn't work.

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    Yeah, I also tried it myself and nothing happened. Seems like the only way to install psn games on your external hd is to use the game data loader. It was really a big help to me in saving space in my ps3 hd.

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    Apr 2005
    Since some 3.60+ games fix start to surface... any news on Metal Gear Solid HD collection?

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    Dec 2006
    Thanks man.. any chance on getting the War Hammer 40000 DLC ??

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    Jun 2006
    Does the batman dlc for dongles work with the new duplex 3.55 fix?

    Do you have to beat the game to use costumes?

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    Please help... I have problem with Batman AC. I have Batman Arkham City iMARS us version and e3 blus fix for 3.55 (pkg), but when installed pkg fix and start game from Multiman and change param sfo to 3.55, game show me some installing data files and goes to black screen. After that and so much waiting nothing happen, I must exit the game with ps button... Maybe I am dumb or something missed.

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    IIRC, imars is a bad release, rip your own copy or try BLES release.

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    you download imars fake release include 84 rar files (rar-r82) inside iso file. you need iMars version with 82 rar files (rar-r80)

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    Thanks guys, I already downloading Vimto BLES version.

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