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  1. #2311
    vikingo75 Guest
    hi, please help me you have the BLES and the fix work ? how to ?

  2. #2312
    StanSmith Guest
    Yea sortof. I installed the DLC and DLC FIX then moved it from the BLUS dir to the BLES dir. I also installed the 355CFW fix.

    I then load up the game and catwoman DLC works and I can see the first movie for Harley's DLC but when it finishes the movie and go to the game it says to install the latest update which it is supposed to be.

  3. #2313
    pierlum Guest
    The 1.04 patch works, but why if internet is not disables ps3 asks to me if I want to install 1.04 update? In this way is not possible to play to harley queen dlc.

  4. #2314
    vikingo75 Guest
    thx Stan....sorry for my question, but i would say not dlc work for bles, but for the game BLES if the fix work or i change everything for start (es. rename bles to blus or other)

    if it helps you, i have found this PS3 DLC PACK CONTENT: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post422279

    1) Harley Quinn DLC - New mission wich continues with Batmans disappearing while investigating return of Harley Quinn.
    2) Catwoman DLC - gamemodes with Catwoman, 2 extra costumes "Animated Comic Series" and "The long helloween".
    3) Nightwing DLC - gamemodes with Nightwing, new challenge maps: Wayne Manor and Main Hall, extra costume.
    4) Robin DLC - gamemodes with Robin, new challenge maps: Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape, new costume
    5) Batsuit Skin DLC Inc, Future Batman, Sinestro Corp. - new Batman suits. Finish the game to unlock the suits or use cheats.
    6) Challenge Map DLC - Map pack is a Jokers Carnival so when you get a freeflow combo of 100 you get to fight Joker.
    7) All Characters Skins DLC - Contains all Batman suits and other Characters costumes released up to date.


    1. Install E3 Team update 1.04 patch 3.55.
    2. Install any of DLC. Not necessary to install all.
    3. Install ALL DLC FIX.
    4. If adding some DLC after, apply ALL DLC FIX again.
    5. Run your retail game with MM.

    NOTE: BLES users install BLUS DLC and FIX and copy the USRDIR folder to BLES update 1.04 folder

  5. #2315
    arrowsmith Guest
    ok, this is awesome, i can't wait to try see if these dlc actulally work!~

  6. #2316
    aletz Guest
    I install the queen and catwoman and are great

  7. #2317
    master32820 Guest
    I have the BLUS version and all dlcs work just fine

  8. #2318
    roee Guest
    THX very helpful i've been waiting to play arkham city for a lot of time!

  9. #2319
    jarppikarppi Guest
    When I try Batman Arkham City, my game freezes after the text "Installing game data" and its already on 100%. I tried with and without the 1.04 patch (without gave me an error) and I don't know what to do. My game and the fixes are BLUS so is there something that I'm missing?

  10. #2320
    hustlerken Guest
    finally a team that is not here for money, just the truly goal to play games

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