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  1. #2291
    fantopoulos Guest
    thanks propjoe awesome i wish i had your style dude

    snitches, rats, buzz off, get a life and don't try to ruin others thanks joe

  2. #2292
    nnnn44 Guest


    can someone tell me does journey fixed on 3.55 ?? please

  3. #2293
    pandulce1 Guest
    I myself was going to ask about that game a few days ago, but read that it has not been decrypted. We'll just have to keep waiting and hoping.

  4. #2294
    exbaks Guest
    Yeah its really understandable to do these security checks... ROCK ON!!!

  5. #2295
    a555na Guest
    thanks guys, i need to get some games

  6. #2296
    firplay Guest
    Can anyone fix Twisted Metal for 3.55 CFW? i have ps3 club cafe and need arcade games thank you

    where can i find full game of resident evil 5 gold?

  7. #2297
    Orekul Guest
    anyone know if phineas and ferb has a fix for 3.55 yet?

  8. #2298
    NoMaDiC1 Guest
    I've been a long time user of CFW, and I have to say that without guys like Pro(p)Joe the Scene would have come to a grinding halt a long time ago. The heaps mate and keep up the great work.

  9. #2299
    penjejakawan Guest
    Last time someone manage to fix pes2012 demo. Hopefully, this time they will fix pes2013 also...

  10. #2300
    oceansoul Guest
    I hope so that is right thread i would loved and ask if is posible for resistence 3 and F.E.A.R. 3 eboot or some patch !

    Thanks a lot

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