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  1. #2271
    pandulce1 Guest
    Hello all. This is without question one of the best threads I have ever come across on the net. You guys rock.

    PS: Has Limbo been decrypted?

  2. #2272
    roeykarou Guest
    Yes Mate, LIMBO is out there and decrypted... ask PropJoe (the man and the LEGEND), he will give you all

  3. #2273
    pandulce1 Guest
    Thanks for replying roeykarou. Pr0p0sitionJOE could you please post a link to Limbo if you have it handy? That would be so great, and thank you for the Wipeout HD links a few pages back (Not to mention everything else you've shared).

  4. #2274
    fantopoulos Guest
    How do i upload files to say deposit files or similiar sites do i need to purchase by month, semi or yearly or just make an account, i have so much stuff on my 5 computers, i would love to share and help greatly app, i hope this is proper thread due to last question asked thank you

    no journey on 3.55 is not fixed as of july 20 2012 hopefully soon but not now cheers


  5. #2275
    elser1 Guest
    for uploading i don't think you need to a premium account, just register and upload.. paying just gives you more download capabilities as far as i know.

  6. #2276
    fantopoulos Guest
    cool thank you much appreciated

  7. #2277
    hayman Guest
    house of the dead 4 please ...?

    thanx for all the good work

  8. #2278
    Those long gibberish names are the ones Sony gives them. When you download the files direct from the official servers, that's what they come up as.

    So ones that aren't like that haven't been renamed yet.

  9. #2279
    true unknown Guest
    i want pipsi man

  10. #2280
    Erz Guest
    Wait! Dreamy Theater 2nd already fixed!?

    Thanks pr0p0sitionJOE! YOU ARE THE BEST

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