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  1. #2261
    wwywong Guest
    There are 2 already, and the 3rd one coming (for the "extended" version)

  2. #2262
    niwakun Guest
    yeah, the 2nd one already broke my six axis controller, probably need to buy a new one (clearing the last song really broke it, but after that I gained a trophy, lol)

    extend version might already coming this summer, prays that someone share it quickly so propjoe can crack it already.

  3. #2263
    nnnn44 Guest

    is there are Journey on cfw 3.55 ?

    hey how are you ps3news members

    so i was wondering if Journey get fixed on 3.55 ??

  4. #2264
    elser1 Guest
    not that i have ever seen. you best ask prop joe.. he would be the one who may be able to fix it but i'm sure its got later keys, but with c2d who knows?

  5. #2265
    cheva7 Guest
    hey anyone knows how to play fifa12 with arabic commentary on 3.55 psn version, if there is a fix or pkg or an update for it?

    you would give me a great help

  6. #2266
    Dragantis Guest
    So did anyone fix agarest war 2? (talkinga about skill item etc in english and gallery enterable).

  7. #2267
    fantopoulos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    you can try to copy it to the ps3 via ftp and install with multiman
    I did exactly as NTA said and works like a charm hd is vivid

  8. #2268
    bluewolfknight Guest
    I would like to ask: Why does the games are named (qxDJSgGcDkodYcwgXqKPgHbRWuFCphRGCrjjfycJROWipheIb EwDeXGzVebzddWOPkawHNDMIDjLZofqmxtDNcdLBpizHXoOWFK In.pkg) instead of (gamename.pkg)?

    I mean it would be much easier to recognize certain games if it was named after the game itself

    Hi. I'm looking for these fixes: (Mirrorcreator links says Invalid/Deleted file)

    TOP GUN (NPEB00176)
    Marvel Pinball + DLC

    Anyone could give me links for ps1 classic games? Thanks in advance

  9. #2269
    Nogitsune Guest
    thanks for malicious and game dlcs. they were extremely useful.

    I would love to see nier dlcs, but then again this is no request thread. so *zips his mouth and waits*

    to bluewolfknight : the file names are courtesy of playstation.net.

  10. #2270
    bluewolfknight Guest
    ok, thanks.

    Links for PS3 Minis/PS1 games please...

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