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  1. #2251
    wwywong Guest
    So the links before are full game with patch already? Ok thanks! I thought those are just patches on the original psn game! I got it already! Thanks a bunch, propJoe!

  2. #2252
    gringos Guest
    thanks dude

  3. #2253
    Emad47 Guest
    can someone upload splinter cell's fix on mediafire please?

  4. #2254
    hitek2001 Guest
    Thanks Joe

  5. #2255
    glonyx Guest
    thanks propJOE.

  6. #2256
    firplay Guest


    can anyone explain me how to install sprinter cell i cant copy 5gb files on fat32 usb?

  7. #2257
    NTA Guest
    you can try to copy it to the ps3 via ftp and install with multiman

  8. #2258
    dyceast Guest
    Or split it on your pc using DeanK's splitter or aldostools file splitter, and then when you want to install it, copy it to the ps3 internal HDD using Multiman and it will auto merge them, then install

    I use the file splitter way, because I want all my Packages on my USB HDD...

  9. #2259
    firplay Guest
    thank you dude perfect idea

  10. #2260
    sangtram Guest
    Never know there was a Miku game on PS3 ???

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