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    thank you for this, my friend will be more then happy

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    Is there a new 4.21 spoofer to go online for geohotz cfw because i'm new to all of this cfw modding thing so plz can someone help me?

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    Nothing lets you go PSN at the moment with CFW.. they have been patched

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    Thank you so much propJOE! You are the best!

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    thank you

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    PropJOE!!!!! your the best. +infinity rep for you

    Is there a PSN version of Mortal Kombat (the one that has kratos), and fight night champion too? please can someone post a link? thanks.

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    i read that you can play this game without using the PSP launcher, although it needs some kind of a unlocked save file that is generated in PS3 when PSP data is synced on PS3.

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    anyone has links for 1st Hatsune Miku too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    No, mate. DONT update. This update 1.01 is signed with different 3.60 and cannot be fixed. If possible, believe me, this would have been added as part of game. As far as I know, this update is nothing crucial for your game playing experience.
    Got it, mate. After looking at what there is in the 1.01 update, there really isn't anything that is significant (all about repeat and shuffle) so I am all happy! Thanks again, propJoe, really appreciate what you are doing here!

    Just curious, what is the "DLC" section in Dreamy Theater 2nd? Is that something we can transport through psp? Because I remember I have the DLC (not the PD1) for hatsune miku project diva 2nd (PSP), but I don't know how to transfer it to PS3... Or it currently won't work like that?

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    after i downoaded this and try to install via normal way (pkg in package manager) i get 14% then error when installing, do we need to have rap file for this or have it redownload again T_T, i don't know it pure clean download but why fail install T_T

    EDIT: it says 80029564 data corrupted

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