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    Nope. Its 3.60 signed. No patch 3.60+ is fixable with current tools or methods except for maybe E3. We shall see is they can release update pacthes. So, wait and see, but I doubt anyone will bother will this old psn game 1.02 patch.

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    The PSN game: Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater 2nd hasn't been fixed yet

    1.01 patch:
    rap for ver 1.0:

    Really hope there will be a 3.55 fix soon. Thanks!

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    first two posts pkg ans 1.01 patch are identical files thank keep up good work

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    They are not identical. One is original game and one 1.01 update... but i guess both cannot work since it's a 3.60+ game... well not yet.

    I hope it to be cracked soon! (Do we need any cso/iso on the psp side like the first game? If so, might as well download the before it's cracked...)

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    Thanks to Prop for all the hard work. But! The Malicious fix vanished into thin air. Or like snow under the sun. Is it possible to have it reuploaded?

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    Great guys! Thank to especially PropJoe and friends for all the effort!

    Nice part of the forum

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    The PSP launcher for Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater 1:

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    Thanks so much! So the rap file is useful? Or still not enough to run it?

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    Propjoe, mate can we get a reup on your themepack that you posted a few days ago? Also, is the Afrika theme contained in said package the Afrika theme that came out a couple of years ago with the Zebras?

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