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  1. #2111
    pspfrank4U Guest
    Thank you

  2. #2112
    kaindarkheart Guest
    Please decrypt the walking dead, propjoe you rock!! thanks for everything!!

  3. #2113
    hayman Guest
    thanks for all the good work.

    Please decrypt the house of the dead 3 and 4...

  4. #2114
    chayatat Guest
    Thanks for the hard work. This game look really good. So now i would be able to play this game properly. ps4news.com rules

  5. #2115
    JustDL Guest
    I wish for Need For Speed: The Run on CFW 3.55, please?

  6. #2116
    hotd54me Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by hayman View Post
    Please decrypt the house of the dead 3 and 4...
    I'm with you on that one lol i've been waiting a lonnnggggg time patience is key

  7. #2117
    khanyy Guest
    Hey all been on this site for some time now but never commented, wanna thank propjoe et al. for their help also. I know many people here have wanted dead space severed, and deus ex missing link. I have links to their pkg (off psn) just wondering if anyone here could "fix" them with their tool-set cheers.

  8. #2118
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Cant give you those above, but I can give you two next best things...

    MIDNIGHT CLUB: LOS ANGELES Complete Edition (NPUB30471)
    FIXED FULL GAME 3.41/3.55:
    Included all DLCs, Expansions, Upgrades, etc.

    MODNATION RACERS + Sweetooth DLC (NPUA80535)
    Full game [v1.11]:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:
    SWEETOOTH DLC FIXED [BCUS98167]: - Usable with psn and retail version.
    This version 1.11 includes many new game features, online sharing, track designs, etc.

    Enjoy these top games.

  9. #2119
    Hermano Guest
    Has Oddworld: Strangers Wrath been released yet? I've searched but no bananas...

  10. #2120
    leon315 Guest
    excuse me... can I have a MIDNIGHT CLUB: L.A's link ? plz...

    pal, a great job indeed... thanks

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