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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Metallox View Post
    emm... you know that we must have a PSP with the game to play it right? is the same with the 2?
    All Hatsune Miku games are released on the PSP as a UMD game and on the PS3 as a downloadable game.

  2. #202
    Metallox Guest
    Yes, but requires a PSP with the game to run... like is show in this video at 04:19

  3. #203
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Oh, I understand now. Not good for people who don't have a PSP and want to play this game.

    Thanks for the clarification though.

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    spunkybunny Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Whats wrong now?

    I tried to install PSL1GHT and half of it failed. I did exactly like it says on the website (PSL1GHT.COM)

  5. #205
    Natepig Guest
    Turtles Reshelled is just like the old arcade game but with the obvious graphics upgrade.

  6. #206
    Desu Guest
    chrrox, can you share psp link for Dreamy Theater 2nd too?

  7. #207
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I'm sure you can find it on a site like pspiso.

  8. #208
    Desu Guest
    No, I can't. Requesting not game but small PSP connector app, that works only with Dreamy Theater 2nd PS3 version.

  9. #209
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Yes, you need to have 3.55 CFW installed to play these games.
    I understand that 3.41 jb are working fine with those PSN by DUPLEX too because I test them as well.

  10. #210
    chrrox Guest
    it is not hard to find took about 3 seconds of searching: doujin.dawnfun.com/category/music/page/2

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