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    I found out and was told that Final Fantasy for DUPLEX released doesnt have freeze or crash for Chapter 3a.

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    OMFG! Thanks Cre8. You have my humblest thanks.

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    I dont play FF games eather but every new game released as free for all is great news. Dont bash on Daivy, I know how hard is to work on fixing and testing every detail.

    We cant play every game fixed from start to finish. This way release rate would be very slow. This happens, although it surprises me that promenant people release "semi-fixes" like eboots without sprx, selfs, or edats verified. E3 did the same mistake. Very amateur stuff for team of their renomes.

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    Well ... Who knows what happens in the dark places where this teams work their magic, away from the sun and from family and friends ...

    Maybe another team was making progress on this end and they released early to mark their territory... I know it is hard to believe that there is a race in the PS3 scene to release stuff... but it could happen... right?

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    tested with Japanese FF13-2 release by moemoe, works so far.

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    by the way... can someone point me to where I can download FF13-2 and Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle that work with these fixes?
    Thanks in advance!

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    amy psn ?

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    I totally agree, this is neat

    my thanks for your patience, time and effort

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    To an people where this Game is running... Which CFW is used? Which settings in BUM?

    I tried the Duplex release with the fixed eboot on Waninkoko v2 and multiMAN ver.02.09.02. Game starts but the first loading screen with the little circle are freeze! Any idea?


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