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  1. #2031
    daivyphuong Guest
    FFXIII-2 Eboot fixed
    Saint Seiya - Sanctuary Battle BLES01421 Eboot fixed
    working 10000%

  2. #2032
    Emad47 Guest
    Please fix EURO 12 for cfw before euro 12 ends..

  3. #2033
    Animus777 Guest
    Wow! Thanks for the news daivyphuong! I've been waiting for that game to be fixed for so long! Does it work with Duplex release? Any issues (crashes, freezes etc)??

  4. #2034
    Lando43 Guest
    wow. hope we get DLC for FFXIII-2. want some gilgamesh.

  5. #2035
    fantopoulos Guest
    thank you for the info much appreciated, you fly through the game wow pretty impressive

  6. #2036
    saito1234 Guest
    oh anonymous chinese hacker... please release the Idolmaster games btw these are really good news

  7. #2037
    Lando43 Guest
    I just checked the eboot for XIII-2 works with all releases, japanese,chinese, eu or us. but a sprx is missing and the game freezes at some point, but the file is coming soon apparently, so wait. Saint Seiya fix is for EU BLES release only.

    and sounds there will be more releases in future.

  8. #2038
    Fris Guest
    Thanks anonymous Chinese hacker !

  9. #2039
    azoreseuropa Guest
    I suggest that you need to test this Final Fantasy instead of saying 10000% works perfectly fine because few people reported that Chapter 3a freeze nor crash. Please test it. Maybe Duplex version is better than other versions as they mentioned. Who knows. I can't test it because I dont play Final Fantasy games.

  10. #2040
    elser1 Guest
    thats awesome, thanks chinese mate.

    good to have someone that knows how to do it in the scene..

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