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  1. #2021
    Orekul Guest
    I would love to be able to get a working version of skyrim, this is the one game I am really looking forward to playing and the only one that will possibly tempt me to update from 3.55

  2. #2022
    fantopoulos Guest
    resistance 3 and disgaea 4 with pure english is my two favs that but very awesome, i know you all try very hard and really we should not be asking for anything, but i commend you and understand how much work ,time and effort goes into getting all these release to us applaud you.

    I am very very thankful, i wish i could do more for all, but not my field.

    thank you
    Cordiall antoine

  3. #2023
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Me too, buddy. Me too. Sadly, 3.60 games and higher are off limits for now.

    I would be the happiest guy alive if I could bring you "new" games, I got links and raps, even tried with some games, but without yek 06.3 I can't decrypt.

    I'm not that good with coding and algo stuff to bypass FW checks or do whatever is necessary to "trick" the game to run.

  4. #2024
    Renold Guest
    Thanks for all the games, links, time you put into this.

  5. #2025
    hey69 Guest
    Thanx for all the effort bro

    small question, i think hotlink to gti club DLC + FIX 3.41/3.55 does not work.. link times out

  6. #2026
    Lucent Guest
    hi, is out ghost recon future solider on psn you can patch for 3.55 rebug ?

  7. #2027
    kitomi Guest
    Thanks pr0p0sitionJOE.

  8. #2028
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Safelinking is very unstable for last two days, being on and off all the time. I can't help you with that. Please have some patience, safelinking will get in order eventually.

    On another note... I have many new gifts for you, guys. Still busy uploading some stuff but tomorrow afternoon JOE is coming to town powered by EXEtrimALL. And great gifts they are, so don't miss checking on ps3news. Those who know gentleman mentioned will understand what Im talking about.

  9. #2029
    arktos Guest
    no news about ff13-2 or saint seiya senki on cfw?

  10. #2030
    nenele84 Guest

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 & Saint Seiya PS3 EBOOTs Fixed for 3.55 CFW

    This weekend Cre8 has announced that fixed PS3 EBOOTs for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle have been released by an anonymous Chinese PlayStation 3 hacker, and have been confirmed working on PS3 3.55 CFW without a dongle!

    Download: Final_Fantasy_XIII-2_EBOOT.rar (BLES01269) / Final_Fantasy_XIII-2_EBOOT.rar (Mirror - Pass: tv.duowan.com) / Final_Fantasy_XIII-2_EBOOT.rar (Mirror #2) / Final Fantasy III-2 Freeze Fix / Final Fantasy III-2 Freeze Fix (Mirror) / Final Fantasy III-2 Freeze Fix (Mirror #2) / Saint SeiyaBLES01421.rar (EUR) (BLES01421) / Saint SeiyaBLJS10152.rar (JPN) (BLJS10152) / Saint Seiya Senki (JPN) (INF Health, MP, CP - Note: Just replace it with your Eboot)

    For those curious, the decrypted FFXIII-2 PS3 EBOOT fix was released on 6-23-2012 (via bbs.duowan.com/thread-27870556-1-1.html) and the decrypted Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle PS3 EBOOT fix was released on 6-20-2012 (via bbs.duowan.com/thread-27845093-1-1.html) at a very popular Chinese gamers site.

    Finally, according to reports the fixed version of Final Fantasy III-2 (FF13) crashes at some points in chapter 3 due to a missing SPRX fix although the game does run... however, the anonymous Chinese hacker fixed the EBOOT.BIN only at the moment but plans to release more games in the future.

    A Final Fantasy III-2 Freeze Fix has now been added above courtesy of daivyphuong HERE as well.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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