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  1. #2011
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have updated the post now and removed the PS Eye note for Geon.

  2. #2012
    jgduff Guest
    Thks for all the news PSN games!!! Is this THE new patch method of E3 Team?

  3. #2013
    hawkY Guest
    No man, this has nothing to do with E3...

  4. #2014
    fantopoulos Guest
    thank you much appreciate time and effort pr0p0sitionJOE

  5. #2015
    ringodastar Guest
    same here, thanks

  6. #2016
    NikeFrancis Guest
    I want to play PSN games too..

  7. #2017
    Donal Guest
    Then try to be a Contributor by posting helpful comments and information

    It might take some time, but just seeing the release names that pop up here on a regular basis - it seems to be worth it.

  8. #2018
    jgduff Guest
    Sorry man is just a question! Thks a lot for your great job and your sharing pr0p0sitionJOE

  9. #2019
    JAxXBOSS Guest
    LOL. How is a person gonna post helpful comments if they know nothing about whats going on. LOL Just sayn

  10. #2020
    cloudxxii Guest
    Please upload Mortal Kombat 9 psn version, thanks for all the games that have shared so far

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