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  1. #1991
    TwistedJay Guest
    Great post Heyman.. by the way Ninja Gaiden 3 is for firmware 4.10 fixed for 3.55. looks like they have had the ability to release eboots to fix games but won't in order to sell you their crap.

  2. #1992
    wwywong Guest
    Yea... There might be loads of new decrypted games incoming )^0^(! Or not... Well one way or another they will always comes. Just a matter of time... Looking forward to see 3.60+ games! My top list:

    Metal Gear Solid collection HD
    DMC collection HD
    Saint Seiya Senki
    Dreamy Theater 2nd

    Can't wait to see them coming!

  3. #1993
    justev Guest
    Its great news to see a couple of fixes for 3.60 games. I'd love to see:

    Metal Gear Solid collection HD
    Devil may cry collection hd

  4. #1994
    otarumx Guest


    Now could be a great time to compare code between the original Ninja Gaiden 3 eboot, the TB eboot and the one released by E3, might give us a clue about the decryption scheme used by them. It all depends on greed and the will of giving to the Ps3 community (not that we deserve anything)

  5. #1995
    Xyth Guest
    Fifa Street Jumbofiles part 12 missing.

  6. #1996
    vincemeister55 Guest
    patiently waiting for more WWE 12 dlc's

  7. #1997
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Guys please keep this thread on topic I had to nuke a bunch of junk that belongs in other threads, this one is only for requesting and posting free PSN download links.

  8. #1998
    Raspberyl Guest
    Please somehow make Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire Playable for 3.55 >.< *sigh*

  9. #1999
    bnash4201 Guest
    awesome thread

  10. #2000
    jabberosx Guest
    For some reason I am unable to download the Blus30537 (Assasins creed Brotherhood animus 1.0 DLC) from the PSN store. I would really appreciate it if someone would post a direct ares/zeus link to it please. As Its not even showing up in my ps3prox log. I would really be thankful. Its a Free DLC. So all I need is someone to use the ps3proxy and capture the DLC download link and pm/reply here thanks a ton!

    Never mind. I got it installed after a reboot.

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