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    Ok, F5 at the ready!

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    Do I have to softmod my ps3 to use this?

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    Yes, you need to have 3.55 CFW installed to play these games.

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    Then use something like MultiMan to run them or etc.

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    They're all PKG files, so there is no need to use a game manager. Just "Install Package files".

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    Oh... LOL. I never knew they came in pkg files. I always thought they had to be activated, but I guess once they're decrypted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrrox View Post
    Here is the psn download link for this game


    There is a 3d model converter for this so i thought it would be cool to share the download so its easy to get the models.
    This Hatsune Miku is Dreamy Theater 2 or what?

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    Yes it's Dreamy Theater 2.

    BTW this game was released on PSN on the 4th of August, so it's most likely 3.60+ and won't work on 3.55.
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    Any chance of posting the link to the Idolmaster 2 demo? Looking for it is driving me mad.

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    emm... you know that we must have a PSP with the game to play it right? is the same with the 2?


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