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    pretty cool stuff..

    i tested like 8 and all work fine.
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    HI every1,

    dunno if this rite place- but is there any dragon age 2 DLC fix available?

    Now thanks for all the links

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    Fifa Street (4) PAL/EUR links, Pre fixed so It already has the fixed Eboot.bin file.

    World Tour will just freeze after selecting the difficulty (Credits to Jayzzy from PS3 iso and E3 Team for the fix).


    Jumbo Files:

    Ninja Gaiden 3 PAL/EUR links:

    Jumbo Files:


    Fix (EUR):
    Mirror #1 -
    Mirror #2 -
    Mirror #3 -
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    Cool Fifa streets 4 will be SICK

    love fifa streets... can't wait to play it

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    Anyone know if Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD was ever fixed? I'm assuming it was probably 3.70 and can't be done?

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    fifa freezing issue got corrected from E3... I'm sure a new fix will emerge soon

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    FIFA Street EUR EBOOT FIX 3.55 that fixes freezing:
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    Ah E3 going in.

    Wish I had FIFA Street

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