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    Dec 2010
    I've downloaded this and will re-up any fix (or the whole thing) if this happens to get taken down. So don't hesitate asking me.

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    I wish there was a fix for black ops multiplayer!! (1.13) update

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    Seeing Twisted Jay posting Sonic 4 Episode 2 which is on high FW reminded me to offer...

    I fixed many games above 3.55 for license activation so anyone who owns two consoles or dual boot with OFW and CFW can play these new games by doing a data transfer. All you need are my decrypt edats and you move it to OFW and rip it [meaning play it like nuts]. Trine 2, Shank 2, Voltron, Puddle, Gotham City Imposters... Anyone wants, let me know for direct links and edats. We shall do it in dark corners of ps3news.

    I got some more new stuff for 3.41/3.55 but need to upload on other filehoster, or you can ask your great man Twisted Jay to get it and upload it for you. He knows where.

    Greetings to Boss [PS3 News for noobies], HeyManHRU and TwistedJay.
    Ok, and to hawkY too so he wont get sad.

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    Apr 2005
    Any chance that you will be able to fix Dreamy Theater 1, pr0p0sitionJOE? It's old one that need only 3.55 I believe. But couldn't find any fix anywhere

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    thanks mate

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    someone have the saints row 2 dlcs? thx

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    is there a fix for this to play online?

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    lol i finished the Game 20 min ago and searched for them too. The Unkut Pack dlc is for free but it contains no new missions.

    I just found Rap and pkg files for BLUS-30201 Corporate Warfare and Ultor Exposed:
    Still searching Corporate Warfare and Ultor Exposed for BLES-00373

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    I fixed this 4 months ago.

    HATSUNE MIKU PROJECT DIVA: Dreamy Theater (NPJB00047)

    Full game:

    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    PSP Hatsune Miku game file launcher:

    You need the PSP Hatsune Miku full game also, for unlocking all suits and stuff and to import save game files, if you like. I dont have it anymore.

    NOTE: PSP Hatsune Miku game file launcher must be ON to start PS3 Dreamy Theater EVERY TIME. After you enter the PS3 in-game menus, you can turn off the PSP.

    On another note... I finally fixed GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur for 3.55 yesterday. Don't have direct link so uploading it now. Game is fun as hell. Also fixed Tom Clancys GHOST RECON: Advanced Warfighter 2, Magic Orbz + DLC PACK and Red Dead Redemption DLC PACK1248 [BLUS30418]. Will post those later. Busy now with reuploading over 100 of my deleted links thanks to certain guy.

    Later, guys.

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