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  1. #1931
    DarkhelmetGJ Guest
    Any links to PS Move enablede games??

  2. #1932
    jaysonx7 Guest
    Thank you PropJoe for WWE 12's The Rock DLC! Your hard work is appreciated!

    Is there any way you can bring the DLC Pack 1 (or just the Shawn Michaels DLC) too? This DLC content is in the disc and locked just like
    The Rock's DLC. Can you help me with that, please?

  3. #1933
    jgduff Guest
    Little Big News after 6 years waiting... DOOM 3 BFG Edition NOW ON PS3 but not working on CFW3.55!

    DUPLEX please!!!

  4. #1934
    WilloXno1 Guest
    I hope you can see what Consoles can do! ^^ lol

  5. #1935
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    To guys posting links from my home thread... I safelink my uploads for reason. If I wanted to post my original links then I wouldnt be uploading parallel for ps3news. Now I can expect my thread links to get deleted.

    You are forcing me to lock my links for priviledge only access and password them. At least post safelinking links and not direct links if you want to play contributors. Contribute real and upload 5-10mb per fix. Its not that hard, as easy as copy/paste.


  6. #1936
    eustahija Guest
    PropositionJOE thanks for your works here and I support you for safelink! I have one question for you. Do you know anything about FIFA 12 DLC (EURO 2012) for CFW 3.55? Any chance to see fix in near future?

    I saw debut trailer and first impressions are awesome!

    The game looks well remastered and adapted for next gen consoles! I'm big fan of Doom series and I can't wait!

  7. #1937
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Anything is possible. But when or how I don't know. I didn't see FIFA12 DLC available yet on psn plus which means someone has to purchase it and provide the link and "files".

    Since EXEtrimALL cracked FIFA12 maybe he knows best where to start exploiting this DLC.

  8. #1938
    kanketsu Guest
    Prop Joe, out of curiosity, is [Journey] low/ high on the group's to-do list?

    Just wondering; no rush or anything - my hands are still occupied with HoD extra stages
    (this random item farming is ridiculous way to stretch game's length - I think)

  9. #1939
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    I checked Journey already. Its a 3.70 game so its a no-go for now. Maybe someone else can do it, but not me... Yet.

    I already mentioned this in other section and elsewhere... If anyone is willing to share their exdata content with stuff they purchased on psn it would help to fix more new games. You people know what you have and what is still not fixed. I need a links for INVINCIBLE TIGER and WOUNDED DRAGONS. Only available thru someones account were it was purchased.

    Also if you have any rap files on your ps3 exdata folder, please share. Or if you have rif files you can convert them to raps. If interested, send me a PM and Ill explain how. Share so you can receive. Thanks.

  10. #1940
    kanketsu Guest
    Ah, my mistake. I thought that since the HoD extra stages DLC are 3.60+ and has been successfully cracked, I assume the newer games will follow through the same route

    Ok, back to hunt those Robe Decollette/ Miser Rings/ Fuma Gear, I think. (These rare item drops rate is funny. I won't be surprised if somehow Journey got cracked first before I even get one Robe Decollette in HoD)

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