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  1. #1911
    Delita Guest
    When I try to FTP a file larger than 4Gb, it restart the upload after 4.01Gb I'm using flashFXP. Anyone have an idea as of why it does that?

  2. #1912
    windrider42 Guest
    No idea. I use FlashFXP and I have no issues with uploading files over 4GB.

  3. #1913
    nrnm Guest
    Maybe your HDD is formatted in FAT32. This format can't handle files larger than 4Gb.

  4. #1914
    sharks Guest
    I have been looking for Dead Space 2 Severed DLC since forever! Can someone please post working links? Preferably direct links from playstation.net, if possible. Thanks!!

  5. #1915
    roeykarou Guest
    wow, i learn a lot here... now for example - how do i install a dlc for a game? just install the PKG. ? or i need "rip" or something like that to have "like" psn user? i speak about the BAC dlc, just install PKG.? i see a lot of people writing "rip" + calling user name AA, what?!?!?!

    help! i know it's not a PSN game, but i see all the right people here. i'm sure you can give me answers

  6. #1916
    killer124 Guest
    you need install the pkgs in order and then activate using the file packed along the bac dlcs with reactpsn.

    there are a couple of tutorials, since you must have a dongle to play bac i suggest searching and you will see a step by step tut, its very very easy once setup

    ps: does anyone have a mirror for OKABU 3.55 psn ? can only find:


    which seems to be up still but the site just times out after 1min wait and entering the captcha

  7. #1917
    TrustDevil Guest
    I think this is the best thread I've ever seen on all PS3's forums! hahaha It's good to see the collaboration of many users together!

    Sorry for my bad English!

  8. #1918
    evajoly Guest
    cool thanks for the fixes

  9. #1919
    jgduff Guest
    thanks for all the games on this site. can you upload max payne 3 please or i'm dreaming in color???

    I trying and re-trying but nothing to download... why you proceed???

  10. #1920
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest

    OKABU (NPEB00621)
    Full game:

    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    NOTE: 3.41 dongle users start the game without the dongle.

    And let me add my latest release...

    Full game:

    Patch Update 1.21-2.00:

    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    NOTE: The game works with and without PS MOVE, also supported 3D.

    Have fun!

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