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    Thanks for your efforts, PropJoe. The scene seems to be crawling along for the non-dongle crowd. Hopefully this will change soon with the edat/NPDRM utilities that were recently released.

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    does anyone have the Alive return to madness American McGee DLC ???

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    Thanks for relinking these

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    WilloXno1 & FORCEJAM, Cheers to both of you for the links, very much needed and appericated!

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    Hi, can someone give me a link to splinter cell 2?

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    some things:

    1. team propjoe 4 life!! amazing work mate.
    2. i download the Alice MR file, but it's 4.5 Giga, how can i transfer it to install in the PS system(i try to put in my extrenal hard drive)? split it to two? will it work? how can i put it inside the internal hard drive of my PS without putting it in my extrnal hard drive?
    3. ps3news forum and charge of this place - you're doing holy job as well.

    Thanks again!

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    Whats wrong with Marvel Pinball? I played an hour and then my ps3 says Programfiles corrupt please reinstall??? I do this but no changes!?!?!? Any idea?

    To roeykarou:

    1. use Multiman.
    2. load NTFS driver
    3. copy to intern HDD and install from there!


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    Splitted pkg files with ps3splitter works 100%!


    1. Split game with Split4G (link below) and move split files into a folder called _[your game title], then move folder onto a USB drive.
    2. Start Multiman and press [start+select] to enter FileManager and move _[game title] folder from USB to PS3 folder /dev_hdd0/package/.
    3. In /dev_hdd0/package/ find and open _[game title] folder and select your game .pkg [highlighted red] by pressing the X button.
    Multiman will go back to the XMB.
    4. Go to "Install Package Files" and install the game .pkg.
    5. Install patch update (if present) and fix. Play the game from XMB.
    6. You can go to MM FileManager and delete the _[game title] folder from /dev_hdd0/package/ folder. To free space on PS3.

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    Could I just ftp the whole file to that directory?

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    Yes you can.

    And it will be much faster this way.

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