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    xpa12 Guest
    Thanks but that is the fix again, good to have multiple links

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    ferenan Guest
    Thanks PropJoe for the new games even though I can't see them (yet).

    I'm okay with you hiding links because this will help protecting them, on the other side, I'm not the usual big poster because most likely I agree with everything and don't need to put an extra voice that'll just crowd the forum.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    It looks like WilloXno1 beat me (+Rep) but I have also fixed the original full link in the previous post also now as well.

  4. #1894
    boss1337 Guest
    nice pr0p0sitionJOE , good to see the releases still coming through

  5. #1895
    XfloxX Guest
    Thanks for your work.

    I hope Sony won't get the contributor position

  6. #1896
    toxickid Guest
    this might be outdated, but does anyone have a link to Deadspace 2 DLC severed? Looking for one for ages, but no luck all the links I have found are now dead.

  7. #1897
    WilloXno1 Guest
    Dead Space Extraction :

    Dead Space Ignition :


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    FORCEJAM Guest

  9. #1899
    WilloXno1 Guest
    FORCEJAM while the previous links may be less secure since they weren't protected until now any new posts will be.


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    Liongooder Guest
    I just stumbled upon this right now, THANKS MAN.

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