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    nenele84 Guest
    hello and thank you to the top propositionjoe.

  2. #1882
    nicosali Guest
    Thanks for the new content propositionjoe. I was getting a little bored these days

  3. #1883
    willo08 Guest
    thank you

  4. #1884
    Robbenello Guest
    thank you

  5. #1885
    TwistedJay Guest

  6. #1886
    NTA Guest
    Glad I grabbed the fix before it was too late lol

    WWE 12 works on CFW?

    Didn't know the Rock Wasn't on it -_-

  7. #1887
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Not for all CFW users, just those with a certain device.

    The Rock was only in the "Special Edition" or "The People's Edition" of WWE '12. TBH though, I'd just make him as a CAW rather than buying a DLC.

  8. #1888
    WilloXno1 Guest
    Please give a "like" and remember DON'T GET A DONGLE!!!

    Big respect to pr0p0sitionJOE !


  9. #1889
    xpa12 Guest
    The Assassins Creed Brotherhood full game link just says file not found

    The fix link is fine though - many thanks!

  10. #1890
    WilloXno1 Guest


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