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    thanks lot i am great


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    Can I have my sendspace uploads safelinked, please. I use safelink for a reason. Don't get surprised if they get deleted in a day, just like my all uploads. There are trolls hovering and reporting all my links. Last week, over 200 of my uploads were deleted on all fh I upload.

    All games I posted here last week are deleted and had to reupload all over again. Btw, sendspace is providing decent speed and last pretty damn long compare to other fh. Thank you.

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    30 kb/s , is what you get from sendspace, till free slots are exhausted, and noone else can't download.

    Mediafire, with a random name (like 32342342353.rar) would be way better, for all of us, and max adsl speed. After all, it's not 40Gb of game, what we are talking about.

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    Sorry, perhaps you can help me! i think i've done something wrong. i've installed all des downloads from above in a row. when i start the game all i can see are the "standard" tables from the first release. the dlc tables are just disappeared.... do you have any hint for me?

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    hi, can someone be so kind to re upload the valkyria chronicles DLC fix for me? the link on mediafire have been deleted.

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    hi, can someone upload zen pinball for me? is zen pinball has .pkg ? thanks

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    Here you go

    Valkyria Chronicles DLC Fix:

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    Someone can help me?...

    I'm tying download Lego Piratas del Caribe, can upload to Mediafire Thanks...

    Sorry im not speak english

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    Bartholomy Couldn't disagree more on sendspace. Speed is upto 400mb/s for free-user and NEVER lower then 100kb/s and thats very rarely. And no slots to fill. Never heard of this on sendspace.

    Rapidshare, deposit and many many others have limited free-user dl to 30kb/s but not my rghost and sendspace. Not one uploader is using mediafire. I learned why, files get deleted in 2-5 days. Crazy! Im not gonna spend my time uploading 24/7. I fix games, not uploading them.

    Maybe for your country isn't allowed to get higher speed on sendspace. Who knows how these filehosters do their bussiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeopajee View Post
    hi, can someone upload zen pinball for me? is zen pinball has .pkg ? thanks
    See here:

    btw. someone else has my problem from my earlier post: i had installed an earlier version of zen pinball (duplex). so i've just uninstalled this and installed the downloads in a row. everything works fine now.

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