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  1. #1821
    Raspberyl Guest
    Odin Sphere, Please~

  2. #1822
    dsavage Guest
    yeah they picked such a great game to come back with... lool

  3. #1823
    grubgrub Guest
    get Journey to work with 3.55 !

  4. #1824
    kombat75 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dsavage View Post
    yeah they picked such a great game to come back with... lool
    Should come back with more great great games ... etc - PES2012 , Batman , Ridge Racer Unbounded then could be wonderful..

  5. #1825
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I think Skyrim should be on the top of their list of games to fix. Always good to see them in action though.

  6. #1826
    cursorsauce Guest
    I agree with getting Skyrim to work. Perhaps loading times would be shorter? it's the only bad thing about that game.

  7. #1827
    qtx999 Guest
    thanks for these... seems rghost and sendspace are killing the links fast.. dunno if it is allowed to ask, any chance for a repost?

    either way, your work is appreciated...

  8. #1828
    NTA Guest
    He posted that someone had reported many of the links

  9. #1829
    qtx999 Guest
    bizarre behavior! i did find joe's nice work appreciated (with different links) all working... thx for the fast reply!

  10. #1830
    deathbydevice Guest
    just posting.. nice to see they are still around.

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