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  1. #1791
    ConsoleDev Guest
    Not sure if is the DLC that you are looking for: - DLC PACK EU - BLES00926 (http://www.mediafire.com/?vah4hoq8ytl56kp
    - DLC PACK US - BLUS30538 (http://www.mediafire.com/?v4uvam3zkqv3xd7

    CATWOMAN DLC CONTENT: new gamemodes with Catwoman, extra costumes - Animated ComicSeries and The Long Helloween
    BATSUIT SKIN DLC CONTENT: new Batman suit

    NOTE: This DLC PACK is ONLY playable with ReactPSN because full decryption is not possible with other CFW.

  2. #1792
    BlackRipper Guest
    Thanks for the DLC's, though i'm having trouble downloading Disgaea 4's "DLC fixed" file from rghost.net, when i press download button the page just reloads, and on sendspace the file has been deleted.

    I need this file can some one please reupload it somewhere.. Thanks!!

  3. #1793
    BlackDeath Guest

  4. #1794
    madmax559 Guest
    has jak 1/2/3 been out for 3.55 cfw ?

  5. #1795
    HeyManHRU Guest
    No Jak and Dexter HD collection won't work on 3.55 PS3 CFW.

  6. #1796
    Spoansk Guest
    Has anyone spotted the DLC for the JPN version of Valkyria Chronicles? (BLJM-60063)

  7. #1797
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    BlackDeath, babe, you forgot to mention that BATMAN AC DLC PACK contains Robin DLC as well.
    So, to repeat:

    BATMAN ARKHAM CITY DLC PACK [Catwoman DLC, Robin DLC, Nightwing DLC, Batsuit Skin DLC]
    Links above posted by BlackDeath.

    Disgaea 4 DLC - I will reupload sendspace link. These are all my links.

    Valkyra Chronicles DLC - JAP version [You can use US version, install update for JAP ver, install DLC US, then fix, copy content of USRDIR to your JAP update folder.

    Patch Update 1.20 [BLJS10095]:

  8. #1798
    Spoansk Guest
    Yeah, I did try to copy the US DLC to the JPN folder, but the DLC was in english. If possible I would prefer Japanese text.

  9. #1799
    ayoub ps3 Guest
    so what about invincible tiger the legends of han toa .....

    please any one know the direct link of this game

    or any one know the id of this game

  10. #1800
    MiSTRFiNGA Guest
    Yeah, Robin is in there too ;$

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