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  1. #1781
    ayoub ps3 Guest

    Confused invincible tiger

    please anyone tell me the link of invincible tiger or the game id of this?

    this game is released in 2009 and i don't find any link of this game in any site yet.


  2. #1782
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I looked everywhere for a download link of Invincible Tiger, just found a couple of people requesting for the same thing.

  3. #1783
    ayoub ps3 Guest
    the punisher no mercy deosn't work on my ps3 3.55, can anyone give me the fix for 3.55 for this game?

  4. #1784
    NTA Guest
    How exactly do I help in getting psn games? I'd try to buy a few or something if it helps >_>

  5. #1785
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    The Punisher No mercy - works on 3.41 or dongles 3.55 ONLY. No kmeaw, rebug or any other 3.55. Tried to fix it. Raps not decrypting properly.

    NTA: You need to set things up before doing this. So when you download new game your pc will get direct link wich we would like to have and after you need to transfer rap or rif files from purchased content. For using your personal rifs we need your ps3 IDPS and act.dat to convert to raps and then try to fix game.

    Its best if you inform yourself on this so you don't waste a good buy for nothing. I mean, the data will still be on your ps3 but direct link is lost then. You need a second ps3 CFW to transfer useful data.

  6. #1786
    NTA Guest
    Sweet. My friends ps3 is on latest fw and I still have mine on cfw. How do I get more informed on this?

  7. #1787
    eustahija Guest
    Hallo guys, what do you think about a incoming Euro 2012 DLC for FIFA 12? Any chance for fix working with EXEtrimALL PSN version?

  8. #1788
    HeyManHRU Guest
    There is a chance it will get fixed, but TBH it probably won't.

  9. #1789
    Raspberyl Guest
    Thanks a lot, guys for Disgaea 4's DLC, but one question.. It's complete DLC or just some...?

  10. #1790
    Bartholomy Guest
    I heard it's available catwoman and robin DLC. Some links, please?

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