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    Hello Guys,

    I want to know if the PSN scene is dead (obviously I'm talking about new psn games not released yet "HOUSE OF THE DEAD 3" for example and many others that are 1 or 2 months still not released)... just my curiosity.


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    3.6+ games... ring a bell?

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    No, many 3.60+ PSN games have been fixed in the past. I know it has been a while since some PSN games have been fixed but I'm sure we will see some fixed PSN games soon.

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    Journey has to be fixed!

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    Batman - Arkham Asylum [GOTY] [BLUS-30515] - Full DLC

    DLC content:
    • Play as The Joker Challenge Map
    • Prey in The Darkness Map Pack

    Install notes:
    Just copy to USB device and install both pkgs.

    thanks man

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    I know that there is an unlock for the 12 DLC characters in Street Fighter x Tekken, does anyone have the Color, Costume and Gem unlocks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by violanteer View Post
    Is there a chance Yakuza Dead Souls will be fixed/patched by DUPLEX?
    You could play the Japanese version, "Ryu ga Gotoku: Of the End".

    I don't really know how much of a difference it'd make being in Japanese, but yeah.

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    someone give me a crack for splinter cell 2 plz

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    i read persona 3 fes is coming to psn... is it possible to make it work on kmeaw 3.55 plz i love that game!

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