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    Quote Originally Posted by daSlayer87 View Post
    This Link still works:
    I am from the phil. and it is probably with the bad internet connection. it just says that the link does not load. if I can't download from rghost, is it all right if I could request someone to upload the file in mediafire? I hope you don't mind guys. I am all fired up to use the new costumes for Super Street Fighter IV. I reckon the costume will show up in the arcade edition.

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    Hi. A few days ago was publishing ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - Value Pack DLC on PSN.

    It includes all DLC content up to date in one pack (new customes, characters, etc.).

    Can you fix it for BLUS version? I know you can Thanks

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    Is it possible to have DLC of Mass Effect 3, maybe?

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    This would be awesome, on top of all the other work already done of course.

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    Im searching for the Dragon Age 2 DLCs. I found just one yet The Black Emperion EU Version.

    Seems its still the content without a Fix (maybe someone can use it to get it work)!download|34...CE6A83F5F8|0|0

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    Do anyone have a link for download pacman and Megaman addon for Street fighter x tekken? It's a free downloadable content..

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    Here you go...

    MEGA MAN 9 (NPUB30036)
    Full game:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    MEGA MAN 10 (NPUB30114)
    Full game:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    Full game:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:
    Street Fighter X add-on I dont have. Only DLC for Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter.

    Enjoy them games!

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    Bartholomy needs free DLC for STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN (DLC unlocks Megaman and Pacman characters).

    By the way, I still need Value Pack DLC for ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 (BLUS).

    Thanks anyway, Joe!

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    Haha ye, i need special characters for street fighter x tekken, but thanks a lot for your links

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