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    deimos costume is not there in any of the GOW3 dlc pkg files on this site.

    can anyone please upload god of war-3 deimos costume dlc? and also uncharted 2 (BCES00757) full dlc.


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    1. trine edat
    Part2 (I can't find edat file..)

    2. prince of persia classic HD
    3. beyond good & evil HD

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    does anybody have the dlc for Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY USA version dlcs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezzitdus View Post
    can't even get marvelpinball to work, dont seem to get reactpsn working.and the only marvel pinball that i can find is a reactpsn pkg.
    maybe some one have a fixed pkg ?
    You can try this resigned EBOOT.BIN:

    No guarantee that it will work since I noticed that each table in my install have their own edat file. But worth a try anyway.

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    thanks gonna try it now, let you know no keeps quitting back into xmb mode...

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    Pity. If I come up with anything else I'll post it here.

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    Hi there,

    does anyone know by any chance if the game PRIMAL (old ps2 game released on psn) is out there anywhere ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo for CFW:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longshot View Post
    does anyone know by any chance if the game PRIMAL (old ps2 game released on psn) is out there anywhere?
    Try the ps2 version and play it on a modded ps2 or get swap magic. I would bet that you will have a better chance that waiting for it here. so far only a handfull of games fore ps2 are on psn and to my understanding that game is not available yet on psn and none of the ones that are on there are fixed.

    I do not mean to come off as mean but I have tried so hard to come up with new links for games to share and have run into a brick wall. when I try to post a link to a torrent it gets rejected so I just share them with me for now. Now that the ps vita is out more and more people seem to be shying away from ps3 because they all want the new stuff never mind there are still old games out there that can be played that nobody seems to want to share. I myself would like to get a working like or torrent to the (Transformers the Game) for ps3. Good luck finding that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furientez View Post
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo for CFW:
    If this PES 2012 Demo can be play on CFW, thinking PES 2012 full game can be play on CFW (without dongle), hopefully someone will find out.

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