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  1. #1711
    rewtnull Guest
    I would become a very very happy cat if someone would release the following Zen Pinball DLC's:

    - Sorcerers Lair
    - Epic Quest

    and the following Marvel Pinball DLC's:

    - Fantastic Four
    - Captain America
    - Hulk
    - Ghost Rider
    - Moon Knight
    - Thor
    - X-Men

    The last 4 tables are in a DLC pack called Vengeance and Virtue.

  2. #1712
    ezzitdus Guest
    can't even get marvelpinball to work, dont seem to get reactpsn working.and the only marvel pinball that i can find is a reactpsn pkg.
    maybe some one have a fixed pkg ? and i woud be also glad to have the zen pinbaal dlc ...cheers

  3. #1713
    rewtnull Guest
    Wish I could help you there buddy, my Marvel Pinball is from the before time when it was possible to access PSN on CFW's. Never tried reactpsn out even.

  4. #1714
    psYcq Guest
    could someone give me the link of "chilg of eden"-fix pls... cant find any working links (sry for my bad english^^)

  5. #1715
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest

    Full game:
    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    Rip it!!!

  6. #1716
    psYcq Guest
    thanks a lot dude...^^

  7. #1717
    dreekuuh Guest
    does somebody have the download link for oddworld strangers wratch plus patch?

  8. #1718
    Brenza Guest
    i hope somene will post Dante's Inferno DLC

    Trials of St. Lucia
    Dark Forest

  9. #1719
    alwayshungry Guest
    Brenza Johnny says there is a problem with one of those (a bad rap) and the other he has no link for, asked myself yesterday on his thread.

  10. #1720
    madmax559 Guest


    can someone please post the following... the links are dead:

    1. trine edat
    2. prince of persia classic HD
    3. beyond good & evil HD


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