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    BlackDeath Guest
    TwistedJay no problem and thx for reply

  2. #1692
    jbaile17 Guest
    Thank you for this~!

  3. #1693
    arpithcena Guest
    god of war 3 dlc links (id-BCES00510) are dead. i badly needed god of war challenge of exile dlc pkg. can anyone please help?


  4. #1694
    daSlayer87 Guest
    This Link to God of War 3 DLC is still working


  5. #1695
    ils Guest
    any Lumines for PS3 ? (sorry too much page to go through)


  6. #1696
    go4 Guest

  7. #1697
    ils Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by go4 View Post
    ok, a little help with installation ?

    i copy over the folder to hdd0/game/ and installed the PKG but can't run it from XMB (error 80010009) if i don't install PKG, it says "renew the license etc etc"


  8. #1698
    arpithcena Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daSlayer87 View Post
    This Link to God of War 3 DLC is still working

    that is only costumes dlc. i need the challenge of exile dlc. it is there on this site but the link is dead.

    please help thanks in advance.

  9. #1699
    BlackDeath Guest
    God of War 3 - fixed DLC - BCES00510 & BCAS25003


    yes, Exile DLC is included


  10. #1700
    arpithcena Guest


    thank you very much. its working both costumes & exile, but deimos costume is missing.

    it would be perfect full dlc with deimos costume. thanks

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