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    Senior Member IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    I'm trying to get this working with no luck.

    Where do I get the pkg.py file and where do I put it?
    pkg.py is included in psl1ght. "Look under Tools you need:" in the main post.. guess you missed it

    hmmm, i can see some possible idps manipulation in the future. Game sharing?
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    so what about psn classics like final fantasy or mgs? where is the difference?

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    can someone upload pkg.py ?

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    Try search, or maybe since its included in psl1ght you might try psl1ght.com

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    Look 2 posts up and read... its already in psl1ght - look under tools you need in the main post.

    why oh why do people not read the posts?

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    I hope they do something for Odin Sphere, well if it can be played on Kmeaw... And also Symphony Of The Night would be cool!

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    Remember, 3.60+ games still won't work so you're still not going to be able to play Odin Sphere, unfortunately. But it is possible we could see Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night decrypted for 3.55 CFW since it was released way back in 2007 and can't possibly contain the 3.60+ keys.

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    So far Bomberman Ultra is the pick of the bunch for me.

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    I think I got most of it but it still errors when I try it.

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    And mortal kombat collection?


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