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  1. #1651
    hawkY Guest
    IT IS NOT In the extras menu ! it will be available on your map once you complete sequence 3 !

  2. #1652
    mocado69 Guest
    Ahhh... thanks for help!

  3. #1653
    Mystic Racer Guest
    Someone can upload the fix 3.41 for Child of Eden, because i can't download in rghost, please and thanks

  4. #1654
    romhunter Guest
    Hi. I need proper fix for Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC. HeroQ8 DLC pack is not compatible with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!

  5. #1655
    niwakun Guest
    you definitely need a move controller for this one or you may have trouble passing the 1st stage.

  6. #1656
    daSlayer87 Guest
    I saw on demonisos that someone named SolidHades93 have done a Fix for Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition.. does someone tested it already? And if it works can we adopt it to get the single DLCs for the normal Game to work?

  7. #1657
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I've been waiting for this, I'd rather run it off of my first PS3's HDD rather than run it off of the disc on my other PS3.

  8. #1658
    coolmec Guest
    Child.Of.Eden NPDRM type is 0a , not a 3.73 game, it is 3.55 NPDRM.

  9. #1659
    WTF Name Guest

  10. #1660
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by coolmec View Post
    Child.Of.Eden NPDRM type is 0a , not a 3.73 game, it is 3.55 NPDRM.
    Yeah, now it is! Its a full blooded 3.70 game with exception of being a PSN. You crack next one and then act smart!
    I'm off.

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