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    when i want to install the dlc give me one error 8001006. anyone now how can fix the error?

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    Apr 2011
    Before doing anything first delete all assassins creed brotherhood install data,then update the game version for US version to 1.05 ,for EU to 2.03 i think the latest one anyway...

    Then install DLC ,be sure to install the one that corresponds to your version of the game , then install fix EU\US which ever you need, then start the game , let it install the game data , and on the start screen it will say something like this "initializing downloadable content ", which means your dlc is installed and ready...

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    Jan 2011
    Threads have now been updated with the latest links. Enjoy

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    Apr 2011
    If your ps3 is not connected and you cannot update your game,here you can download it :

    For BLUS30537 :
    For BLES00909 :

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    Hi PropJoe, BlackDeath, Hissatsu and all the great ppl here and thank you all for your contributions.

    I would like to ask please if you could help me wt Smackdown vs Raw 2011 DLC fixes for 3.55. I still play this game a lot and would be very cool to have the dlc fixed like you have provided for other games here. Thank you so much guys

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    Oct 2011
    i did all but when i go to "Extra" it says me that i need to log me in PSN.

    my game is new, i'm on chapter 1, i need to play more to play the dlc?

    thanks in advance

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    You don't have to go to extra , it has nothing to do with the dlc, if you did everything like i said when you press start it will say "downloadable content initializing" something like this, i'm not sure exactly, and the dlc is available after chapter 3 , but you should be able to use the bonus costume you get with the dlc right after chapter 2 or 3...

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    Congrats for Child of Eden

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    i as updated to version EUR of assassin creed brotherhood v2.03 and the game working but when i go to install the dlc "da vinci..." give me one error 80010006, anyone now what this mean! what is missing for to install the dlc without error!


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