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    Hopefully there will be some good new Releases soon as soon as there are worthy games out...

    i was looking around for "from dust" (Ubisoft) but seems no release nor published till now ?

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    From Dust is out there already.

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    I have found a working German Version of "God of War - Chains of Olympus" uploaded by madze and tested it myself on CFW 3.55

    Pass: Kinderriegel

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    Uploaded dosen't work in USA but thanks anyway and those who can download enjoy.

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    Any knows if thats games can be played in the HFW?

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    Perhaps I missed it in the 160 pages to this thread, but is there a full list of the DUPLEX PSN releases somewhere?

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    Well done I couldn't have done a better list than the one that already exists

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    Say, is there someone who have PSN ArTonelico I & II? Thanks

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