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    kombat75 Guest
    Then have to wait for the crack to play this games...

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    awiky Guest

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    immortal001 Guest
    thanks for the links

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    vincemeister55 Guest
    I followed Joe's tutorial in installing 4gb+ games (assasins creed psn). Split it using Split4g, then joined the split files in multiman. But the pkg cannot be detected on my ps3. When I try to click "Install Package Files" in xmb, there's no pkg found. Am I missing something? pls help...

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    furientez Guest
    try locating the joined pkg with multiman's file manager, highlight it and click X

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    ps3addict Guest
    I wanted to let people know that the chrono cross game and breath of fire IV work without having to spoof the firmware. After you install the main game pk file before you install the fix you need to delete param.sfo from the main folder of the game using a file manager. After you delete it you can install the fix and the game will work. I'm on 3.41

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    vincemeister55 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by furientez View Post
    try locating the joined pkg with multiman's file manager, highlight it and click X
    I've tried that too man. It returns me back to xmb, but I can't locate the pkg. There's no pkg detected in "Install PAckage Files".

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    kalifas Guest
    Thx a lot.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Sorry if i ask again.. Was MK9 DLC released? And linked here (new links)? May i have a link of the page? I tried to find it, but i didn't

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    acimbo Guest

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